"I am Ready"

 I would love to be able to see this poem my husband wrote to me regarding
his trip into Iraq published.  Can you please insert it somewhere into your
newspaper? Also, if it does make a page, could you please let me know so that I
can be sure to direct people to the website:-)  THANK YOU.

"I am Ready"

As my convoy passes the gates of hell, I am ready.
Shot at me, try to blow me up, I am ready.
I've been through training and practice runs, I am ready.
We've armored our trucks and loaded our weapons, I am ready.
Day breaks and the sun cuts across IRAQ, I am ready.
Burned out tanks and trash litter the streets, I am ready.
Eyes cut glares and looks of suspicion, I am ready.

I see tiny hungry faces waving at the passing green trucks, and I am not
Little ones who's only crime is location, and I am not ready.
Willing to block a massive iron truck with frail little bodies, and I am not
The orders are clear, we are not here for them, and I am not ready.
Children as old as my own, some younger, and I am not ready.
Children who see us as hope, yet get nothing, and I am not ready.

Still smiling as we pass, no food given out, hope presented, no comforting
word spoken, and I weep.
I weep for them, the ones who we are not here for, the silent victims of a
country in the final stages of anarchy.  I weep for the boxes of food strapped
to our vehicles, as they crest the hill and leave nothing but tire tracks
behind.  I am not ready and I weep.  I think of my own children, safe, warm and
fed.  They can be taught love, compassion, and giving, and I realize,

Written by:
Spc. Richard Adams
Operation Iraqi Freedom II
Camp Anaconda

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