My husband is currently deployed in support of Operation Iraqi Freedom. I
think of him constantly and miss him dearly. I wrote this poem the other day and
wanted to share it with all the wonderful wives I have met on this site. Hang
in there girls, we will make it through this~!

Days slowly pass
Nights quickly come
Waiting and hurting
Then going numb

Dreams bring relief
In his arms so tight
To look in his eyes
Know he's allright

Morning soon comes
All comforts lost
Eyes haltingly open
Remember the cost

In war we all lose
Something precious and dear
For the Army wife
This is all too clear

Some will receive
That most dreaded knock
Others will ceasingly
Stare at the clock

Feelings of pride
Sorrow and guilt
An everyday part
Of the life we've built

Pride in our husbands
Who so gallantly fight
Defending our freedom
And all that is right

Sorrow for our sisters
Who've lost their true love
No soldier backs down
When push turns to shove

Guilt we all feel
For the joy deep inside
When we finally know
It's not mine that died

No matter how hard
How far or how long
The love for our soldiers
Will always stay strong

Copyright 2003
Angela D Foster