We walked the sea
My boyfriend and me
As the children played in the sand
Winter cold cut the air
Hanging still everywhere
Until then did he say "Hold my hand."

We sat and watched as the sun was rising
Across a yellowish, orange horizon
He leaned over and whispered in my ear
The words he spoke were so dear
He said he loved me, but I didn't reply
For I didn't know if it was the truth or a lie
He said it again "I love you, I really do."
That's when I knew that what he was saying was truth
I replied with a smile, "I feel the same."
That's when he frowned and out the truth came

"I love you" he said "But this can't go on anymore."
"Since I last saw you I was drafted to go to war."
"I leave for six months on Sunday
Remember I love you and I'll be back someday."

He'd been gone for a year leaving me all alone
Yesterday I got a letter saying he's coming home
I waited at the airport for him to arrive
It killed me to find out he wasn't alive

My heart is broken I'm left all alone
The boy I love will never come home
-Author Unknown-
contributed by Ana
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