Through A Soldiers Eyes

Through A Soldiers Eyes

Through a soldiers eyes,
We don't see the pain,
We can't see the hurt that lies in there way.

The fog and the smoke that they smell through their nose,
The sounds in the night from bombs going off the course.
The bodies and blood that lies at there doors,

I can't imagine seeing this,
Capturing it all in your mind,
As you close your eyes, 
You see the death,
Living a life of war at your best.

This is their lives,
There hearts are real sad,
But they hide it away in the back of there rack.
Pretending everything's okay, so they don't seem to fall.
Living each day fighting for us all.

They have to hold on,
To live each day that comes,
Fighting for there country,
A battle still not won.

Loosing friends,
Watching them die,
This can't be easy watching through ones eyes,

The pain will remain,
Haunted by their dreams,
Waking up in sweats,
Wishing it was all a dream.

But reality hits, 
As they walk out the door,
Another day living,
Breathing, seeing war.

Through a soldiers eyes,
You can see, 
All the hurt and pain that lies in there way.
Living each day in a world we can not take.
Through a soldiers eyes....

Written by: Kristin Nicole

Kristy Quintas
San Diego