A Wife's Chevrons

A Wife's Chevrons

Salutations! I am a Marine Corps Wife.
I am also the proud Mother of four.

My baby girl walks with a strong spirit,
But sometimes she falls,
And I pick her up and kiss the "ouch" away.

My son wants to be everything and anything
When he grows up, but sometimes
He can’t reach the moon,
And I catch him, and tell him,
"One day soon you’ll get there."
And kiss him goodnight.

My number one daughter,
She writes me stories and poetry.
And dreams of a better world,
But sometimes she gets sad.
Sad at all the pain in the world,
And I give her a hug,
Tell her I love her,
And that she is beautiful
On the inside and outside.

My fourth and final one,
Is my husband.
He’s a Marine, sworn to
Honor, Courage, and Commitment,
And to give his life for the sake of our country.
But sometimes he grows weary,
And he doesn’t feel he works hard enough.
He’ll come home, and throw down his chevrons,
But I pick them back up, pin them on him,
And tell him,
"You will do better tomorrow,
You’re a good Marine,
You make me proud,
And we’ll see each other soon."

But sometimes I grow weary,
And cry myself to sleep.
But I tell myself,
"Congratulations! You’re a Marine Corps Wife,
And you must bear your own chevrons as well."

contributed by N Anaya [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]