June 1, 2017
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BJ 'n Cindy


For Him

For Him

I found out a hard truth
Someone special to me has left
How do I deal with it
I am hurting inside
But I can't show it
I need to be strong
Not just for me,but for him
I care for him deeply
I onlt want the best for him
This has been a reality check
I find myself in dreams
Only to find a smilr on my face.
I am hurting inside but I can't show it
Sometimes out on nowhere I start to cry
But I wonder are they good or bad tears
Time will tell
I keep in faith
That he'll be ok
Everynight I tell him good night
I could almost feel him
When I last hugged him
I don't have bad memories only good
I know he's coming back
But it's still hard to see him gone
He didn't go far
It dosen't matter
Cause he's my MARINE

I hope you liked it.This poem if for my boyfriend Mike. Remember Mike that I
love and I will always be here for you no matter what.

contributed by Vanessa Ochoa [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.