"I am one of the few, the proud Military SO's"

"I am one of the few, the proud Military SO's"

I am one of the few, the proud Military SO's.
I am one of the few Military Wives,
and Husbands.
I stand proudly and strongly beside my Mililtary SO and support him or her
and all he or she does.
I am one of the few who are strong enough to love someone who I may at any
time never be able to see again.
And yet I still stand by him or her.

I am one of the few who are willing enough to endure all I go through for the
love of my SO.

Many miles come between on any given day and changes in plans are all to
common but yet we still find ways around them the best that we can.
We cry when they leave and smile so bright when they're back in our arms if
even just for one night.
We wait days to weeks to months just for that one little very few moment call
just so we know that they are alright.

Many weeks to months and sometimes years go by without our loved ones here by
our sides due to deployments, their missions that protect our verious ways of
We don't ask for much just a few simple things.
We just ask to be reconized once in a while.
We pray each day that our loved ones get to come home, and for their safety
most of all.

Even after all of this one thing still reamins and that is the love of and
for our Militarys SO's.

In the end strong as we were, we come out even stronger.
We are the few, the proud Military SO's

Submitted by
Vikki B. AKA JP's Angel