Thoughts from a military wife

Thoughts from a military wife

They say it gets easier as time passes on
But, each night I lay in my bed alone, reminds me that your gone.
I have so much pride you you in what you do each day.
But the selfish me wishes you did not have to be away.
Our family is stronger now, that I see.
And very honored I am, that you chose to marry me.
You are my hero, a very brave man.
I can only hope our son grows up to be the same.
You see, the hardest in the military to do,
Is to be a military wife, only a job for a few.
They are often left behind
In the day they take care of the kids, at night in their beds cryin'
I miss your sweet touch
The pain hurts so much.
Your smile lights up my face
No one could ever take your place.
OH, how happy I will be
The day my hero returns to me
I will hold you tight and never let you slip
Close my eyes and kiss your soft lips
Til duty calls upon you again,
Only God knows when.
And then I will kneel by my bed to pray.
Praying safely for my love to return someday.

Thanks. My husband is stationed in South Korea, only two
more months left. And then he will have to go to BNCOC
in Fort Eustis, Va. And then he went be deployed to Iraq.
I have found strength in our love, it is the only thing that
gets me through someday. We have a boy that just turned
three.. that asks about his daddy everyday.

Thanks very much.

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