You're Coming Home

You're Coming Home

I'm crying again, but different tears
These last five months have felt like years
But you're on your way home, and soon you'll be
where you belong, back here with me!

I've thought about what I would say
When I picked you up that awaited day
But nothing came but I love you...
And then I would stare and be happy and cry!!!!

I feel as though you've been gone for years
I've cried so many saddened tears
But now when I look back and see
They've all been worth you coming home to me!!!!!!

I'm proud of what and who you are
The fact that you went so very far
I can feel the pain that you've all been through
Because I was back here feeling it too!!!

But the future is brighter, now we both can see
And I hope you know what you mean to me
I'm awaiting your arrival with excitement so great
All I can say is that plane better not be late!!!
Borrowed from the Black Knight Wives HMM
264 (REIN)