Military Wife

                                Military Wife
At age nineteen Sara made the choice to say the words "I do"

She left without looking back

She had to hide her tears

She went to a place unknown to her

An army base called Fort Bragg, North Carolina

They got a place to call their home

But it was pretty bare

All they had was each others love

So there was nothing they would fear

Sara and Tyler were married for a year

Yet little did she know Tyler would get that call

You've been put on active duty

A month went by and it was time for Tyler to leave

She stood tall and proud to watch her husband go off to war

She didn't shed a tear

She knew she had to be brave and strong

And pray for his safe return

She'd wait by her phone every night

To hear the comfort of his voice

Stretching over thousands of miles

It was almost like he was right there

She'd worry every minute of the day

Thinking is my husband going to be ok?

Months went by and she got the word

She jumped for joy and praised the Lord

For her honey was coming home

There is no harder job

Than to be a military wife

Taking care of her family

While worrying about her husband

Who was serving in Iraq

But everyday makes her stronger being a military wife

Dedicatied to my beautiful sister and my brother in law who served in

Operation Iraqi Freedom