A Sailor and His Wife

*A Sailor and His Wife*

As you steamed away to the big open sea
I prayed you wouldn’t forget about me.

As I had promised to you, I didn’t cry one tear,
However my heart was breaking and full of fear.

How would I cope? What would I do?
How can I live my life without you?

For the next six months I would be all alone-
This house without you is not a home.

The sweetness of your smile, the softness of your touch—
My darling husband, this is hard— I miss you so much.

The days pass by and turn into weeks.
I am longing for the day my lips touch your cheeks.

40 more days ‘till we embrace on the pier,
When all of my worries and pain disappear.

I yearn for the moment to be held in your arms,
Knowing you’ll keep me safe from all harm.

No one said this was easy –the notorious “Navy Life”
But we’re in this together; as a sailor and his proud “Navy Wife”.

submitted by
Nicole Kahle
For my husband Rob (ET2 Robert Kahle) with all the love in my heart.