The Future...Our Future

The Future...Our Future

When you left me, as i knew you would,
you took half of my heart,
and left a piece of yours with me,
...and that was the start.

I was never good at waiting,
and now it is my fate,
to dream about you every night,
until each homecoming date.

It won't be long, I have faith in us,
its only three short years,
but in between, when we're apart....
I can imagine all the tears.

I'm proud of this path you take in life,
First boot camp, then 3 years at a base,
I'll have to come visit all the time-
I cant go that long without seeing your face.

What does the future hold for us?
Can bonded hearts survive all this?
3 years from now, I hope and pray
that we'll still be together- bliss.