-=Together Forever

     This is a poem that my boyfriend wrote me last summer when he was away at

-=Together Forever

Every night I dream that we will be together forever,
and every moment I spend with you is one I treasure.

I've always wanted someone like you for my wife.
And now that I found you we can live our life.

For you have completed me.
That is why when I'm with you I feel free.

If I had to I would die for you,
Because my love for you is so true.

My heart and soul belong to you,
And one day everything else I have to offer you will too.

Our life would be great just you and me,
But sooner or later we would become three.
After that we could go for four,
But I'll leave it up to you if you want more.

Our family would be beautiful just like you,
And when we grow old I won't leave you.
You will be my wife and I will be your husband,
And we will make it through.

This may just be my fantasy,
But there is one thing I want you to see.

Our life together would be amazing if we would never sever,
Because we could have everything we wanted if we remained Together forever.

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