What I would do

What I would do...

To have you hold me in your arms
To walk pass you and you pop me on my behind
To have you kiss me as you walk out the door.
To have you kiss me when you come in from work.
To have you sit on the chaise lounge with me after the kids
have gone to sleep, so we could watch a movie.  Only to know
that I too have fallen asleep because I know I am safe and
comfortable in your arms.
To ask you to hold me while I fall asleep only to wake up a
few minutes later to find out that you have managed to
gently escape my hold to sneak downstairs to watch
To have you go to the store for me when I absent-mindedly
forget to get it from the commissary.
To have you wake me with a kiss just before you leave for
To have you here so when we are sitting on the back lanai, I
could rest my legs on your legs.
To have you surprise me with a nice candlelit bath with
music, a glass of wine and a nice magazine.
To have you here so I could look at that beautiful black
face of yours.

Dedicated to My Husband STGC(SW) A.D. Burnett, USN