When you feel lonely

When you feel lonely and a little blue
Just think of those words I've whispered to you.
Lips pressed gently against you ear
"I love you" escapes for you to hear.

When you feel sadness and thoughts start to change
Remember our dreams that we plan to arrange.
When you're laying in bed and just can't sleep
Feel my heart, it's yours to keep.

Remember the smiles and what they are about
Just focus on 'fact'.....whenever in doubt.
Anything else is simply not real
Listen to your heart, it hears how I feel.

And if you get tempted and you start debating
Be reminded again, for you........I am waiting.
When thoughts are running wild and you are beginning to wonder
Keep in thought, the sun always shines after all the thunder.

And when it gets hard and you want to give in
Despite all opponents -- Love Can Win.
Hold your head high, feel the rain through the drought
Remember this my love......whenever in doubt.

To my Fiance, my Best Friend, and my Marine -- Jason
Love Always and Forever,

contributed by Carrie Hillard [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]