When someone cares

       I was reading a book " The Language of Love" and came across
something that made me think of this site so foundly. I have found this
addicting. I have told everyone I know about this, from my family to my
husbands family and not to mention our friends. I would love for you to
post this if it would be possible.

When someone cares
it is easier to speak
it is easier to listen
it is easier to play
it is easier to work

when someone cares
it is easier to laugh
- Susan Polis Schutz

I have found that this site has made an impact on many women by reading
your guestbook and your prayer list. I wish I had known about this all
thoses times my husband had to leave me and our children. I hope it does
not bother youthat I would like to help out with this site. I know I
keep giving you my input but I just like to share my thoughts. You have
brought many women and men at peace, not that being away from their
loved ones is any easier but at least now they have somewhere to go and
find contentment for that little time they need it. I just want to thank
you and your wife for all your hard work and effort you have put into
this wonderful site. Please be safe and take care.
Jackie Stowe [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.