When Words Just Aren't Enough

 When Words Just Aren't Enough

Within an hour of the moment we met
It took no time to realize
With you was my Destiny
The way you Listened with your Eyes

And we decided to become one
Under the stars that first Friday
Our Hearts Spoke the sincere words
That our mouths could never say.

Smiling into your moonlit eyes
I Communicated my love for you
Though Nothing was said to me Aloud
Your Silence Shouted, "I love you, too."

Quiet Poetry you Sang to me
With Tender Kisses on these lips
Every Noiseless Note and Soundless Melody
Made beats of my heart skip.

Times when I can't hear your voice
Since we are so far apart
When I listen to you without my ears
I can Hear you with my Heart.

Now when distance stops me from holding you
And protecting you from the cold
I reach down deep inside of me
And Touch you with my Soul.

Even though we are miles away
No couple could feel this close
Though you aren't here with me physically
You are here How I need you the most.

If the e-mail and phone-lines go down
And the water gets to be rough
Think of the many ways we can communicate
When words just aren't enough.

by Alpha

I love you, ITSN Gregory Jackson.

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