A Sacrifice Made

This is for my husband. I hope someone who knows him will somehow come across
it, so that they know the next time they see him they know the man they are
looking at has, just by loving me, completed my life and filled it with extreme
happiness and contentment.
I love you Marky.

This is also for anyone who feels that the trust is gone and are at a
crossroads with their head and heart.
I hope it touches someone and can bring some comfort.

Miranda French

Our meeting was one of chance and fate
And at one time
A moment I came to hate

Every detail I savor in my mind
And even now I still tremble at the thought
Of what was behind that "look" I would find

My heart began an accelerated beat
My knees went surprisingly weak
Those eyes, that look, your Marine physique
You had already succeeded in sweeping me off my feet

At that moment I knew
I was destined to say " I DO"
No other in my life held a candle to you
Not long after, I was to discover
You really were like no other

I knew that feeling would soon end
And I would grieve for that time
When I was happier than I had ever been

Then came a time
When I was brought great harm
I soon became aware
Someone else had fallen under your boyish charm

That was long ago
Or so it seems
I was once told
" Its a sacrifice made when dating a Marine "

As I sit staring at our Beautiful daughter
And savoring the wonderful life
That we have built together

I look back at how much I have grown
And respect every role I have owned;
From Mother, Father, Wife and Lover
To Sister, Daughter and even Financial advisor
With it all I have earned
The final role as a Survivor.

And in part
I owe this to my wonderful husband
I hold very close to my heart

In the end
And in all I have seen
I 've learned to love not just the man,
But also the Marine.

To my husband CpL Mark J. French
Miranda M. French

contributed by Miranda M. French [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]