Ricky, my Marine

I meet Ricky while in school when he was in a bad relationship. So we never
got to know each other then. Later when we meet up again by my friend, he
was not in the relationship he had been in a year before. It was my Junior
year and I really had not noticed how attractive he was the first time I
meet him. I found myself really attracted to him now. Soon we started
dating but it just didn't seem to work out. I dated other people but I
noticed he had not. It was about the last part of my Junior year that I was
in a bad relationship and I was turned toward Ricky because of his kindness
and sympathy towards my heartache. We started to hang out more and I found
out he was still liked me and he had changed for me. There were things I
told him the first time we went out that I disliked about him and he
changed for me. He asked me out to the movies on a double date with one of
my friends to see the "Titanic" But half was through the movie I was sick
and we had to leave. While we waited to leave he comforted me by holding
me, then as we stood there he asked me out. I was so excited I said yes. I
had liked him the whole time we were apart and I was sad that it hadn't
worked out like I wished. Ricky is so kind and gentle. He does the sweetest
things. In his senior year he was not working and he didn't have a lot of
money, so he made me a romantic dinner for Valentine's Day with candles and
he later made a fire and we cuddled by it. We had still been dating his
senior year and he had decided to go into the Marines. It was so hard
knowing he would leave and go away. I was sad also because during my Senior
year he would be missing out on all the dances and most important the Prom
and my Graduation. That summer before he left for boot camp he took me with
him and his family to Puerto Rico. There he asked me to marry him. I was
excited! I didn't care what others thought because of our age. Being
engaged at such a young age. But I knew it was right. I knew he was the one
I was to marry. So in August of 1999 he left for boot camp. Now we have
survived the odds, we are getting married in 3 months and it was been a
year he has been in the Marines. Most people our age are just hanging out
or are dating guys or girls. I am ready to start a family. People are so
amazed that I have stayed with him because he has been stationed in Hawaii.
He is not like other guys. He is warm and compassionate. I knew he was the
one for me. I look forward to starting my life with him as a family on
November 17th, 2000. Even though we still have a lot of hardships because
he leaves for Japan in December and I will not be going, I know we can
survive. If we can survive a year without hardly seeing each other I know
we can get through any trials that come our way.

July 21, 2000

contributed by Aimee [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.]