A note...

I have sat here many times at this same computer or at the table with not books
trying to find perfect words to describe to the world what an honor it is to be
the Girlfriend of a United States Marine.. Though it may not seem that
important or even what any one wants to hear it is to many a blessing to have
such a wonderful person to call there own. Someone who will go when duty calls
and still love you being so far away.

Only a very shallow person could say that the Military is no good for you
because its because of the Military (Army, Marine, Navy, Air Force and Coast
Guard) that we stay free to live in this Country. Its not very often I have had
the chance to really thank all the Men and Women who fight for us to be free
but as I sit at my computer and a mind filled with thoughts and eyes filled
with tears I cannot this of any thing else but to say THANK YOU !!

It takes a lot from someone to do such a carriages thing and protect this
country. I am a mother of 2 very small children and from the bottom of my heart
am GRATEFUL for all that you have done THEN, NOW, AND LATER!

Kellie G Comeaux
Lafayette Louisiana
Im Proud of you
LCPL, Comeaux Jeremy D.

contributed by Kellie G Comeaux [This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. ]