-=Angel of the South

This is a poem I wrote about finding my ex-wife after 24 years of not
hearing a word from her. Please post on your site if you find content

-=Angel of the South

Come round 'bout mates and settle down, or lean against the rail And list'
me tell of love and woe, ef yer hearts can stand the tale Yer eyes may
well, yer chin will droop; a quiver steal yer mouth Whenst now ye hear my
story of the Angel of the South

God's own perfection on this earth, her eyes were golden-green Yellow satin
in her hair, her skin was fresh sweet cream The soft round fullness of her
breast, the firm cut of her thigh Drove sailors minds to madness, when 'ere
she'd wander by Ye feign would guess to look me now, I once was fair and
trim Long dark locks and sparklin' eyes, now time has worn them dim

When first we met, our eyes embraced, we knew each other's soul But
passion's helm was steered off-course - we crashed upon the shoal She gave
her love, but I betrayed - and that just could not be So she went off to
live her life, and I went off to sea

Twenty-some years of wanderin' around this great blue ball I searched for
one to take her place, but none possessed her all Yea, none could hold a
candle to that angel of my dream No Scottish lass, no French la femme, no
dark-haired Philippine I knew that pride had wrecked my chance at once and
special love I'd stare up in the skies at night, and curse the stars above

But love does not die easily, and fate won't be denied It seems she
harboured all those years the same love deep inside For just by chance a
note was passed to me out of the blue A simple line penned in her hand,
"I'm thinking now of you." You see, our hearts were yearning for that one
to make us whole And only in each other's arms we'd find our common soul

Rejoice now all ye men at arms who sail upon the sea! Pass the rum, and
light the pipe - strike up a song for me For now we are together, and
forever - that's no doubt Yes, I'm the man who lost - then found - his
Angel of the South

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